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Arbor View Montessori School provides a warm, accepting, and safe preschool child care environment in Roseville. We are dedicated to the best care, attention, and warm learning environment. Naturally curious, children are eager to learn. Specially trained teachers guide development in Language, Creative Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Practical Life Experience helping children to reach their full potential.

Our carefully planned Montessori materials help develop the natural curiosity of the child that supports your child later in life as part of a continuous learning process even outside the classroom. Your child is motivated by natural curiosity from within. At Arbor View Montessori our program will inspire your child to develop their natural love for knowledge.

Dr. Maria Montessori strongly felt that children are individuals who differ from each other and must be respected, and that the purpose of preschool education is to help the child cultivate his or her own desire to learn naturally. Arbor View Montessori provides educational child care with a fun and safe preschool learning environment that is vital to the development of children.

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Arbor View Montessori School
Welcome to an exciting new year at Arbor View Montessori School. A special welcome to all the new students and their families that are joining us! We are very happy to have you with us. During the month of September, the staff and I will be informally assisting new students and kindergartners in order to determine how we can encourage and assist each one in his or her individual learning process. During this past summer Fine arts and Music Appreciation were the themes. In September, the theme of the month will be Physical Geography. Please feel free to email, call, or drop me a note with any questions or concerns that you might have. My door is always open. Also, If you have friends or family that need a preschool, we have a few spots open in the Infant, Toddler...
Arbor View Montessori School
Choosing a Montessori Preschool
Parents that decided they like Montessori for their children must think carefully about how to select Montessori school if they are to ensure that their children receive the actual the education they want. Some Montessori preschools do not actually follow true Montessori principles or structure. Parents can ask three important questions to help ascertain whether the school is truly Montessori. 1. Every Montessori preschool is accredited by a Montessori organization so ask which one the preschool in question is linked with. Being accredited means the preschool is following a true Montessori philosophy. Arbor View Montessori accreditation is AMI (Association Montessori International) was founded by Maria Montessori in 1929. AMI maintains the approach and integrity of Dr. Montessori’s...
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Preparing for the Preschool Year
The new school year begins soon, so now is the time to prepare your child for preschool, especially if this is the first time your child will attend preschool. Arbor View Montessori School recommends that you transition from summertime mode to routines and preparations that will help your child make a smooth and happy transition to preschool. A good way to start is to get back into school time routines to help avoid abrupt changes. Some things you can do to support you child in the transition to preschool are: Start going to bed earlier and waking up on a school time schedule. During the summer, we may get off our school time sleep schedule. Getting back into a school time sleeping pattern will make the transition easier for your child. You can also read your child children’s...
Arbor View Montessori School
Why Choose Montessori
At Arbor View Montessori, we believe every child deserves the chance to reach his or her intellectual and social potential. Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori Education, understood how a good education unlocks and realizes children's potential. In a traditional preschool or daycare, the needs of children and their particular learning needs can be put aside as teachers work to maintain control and discipline. The difference between Montessori Education and traditional child care, daycare or preschools is that Arbor View Montessori School focuses on providing an environment where children can learn self-care, self-control and self-discipline. We help children learn to self-regulate their behavior, they begin to be able to think independently. This focus on self-regulation and...
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How Montessori Kids Learn
Children up to six years old see the world in very concrete ways. They learn about their environment through what they see, hear, touch, taste and smell. In a Montessori education children work with learning materials that can be experienced through the senses. Between three and six years old, children are learning to use language effectively and to engage socially with the people around them. In a traditional preschool education setting, children between three and six are often grouped according to age. Much opportunity for social learning is lost this way. At Arbor View Montessori School, our primary education utilizes mixed age grouping. This encourages healthy social development - older children learn to help younger children, and younger children learn from the example of older...