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Arbor View Montessori School provides a warm, accepting, and safe preschool child care environment in Roseville. We are dedicated to the best care, attention, and warm learning environment. Naturally curious, children are eager to learn. Specially trained teachers guide development in Language, Creative Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Practical Life Experience helping children to reach their full potential.

Our carefully planned Montessori materials help develop the natural curiosity of the child that supports your child later in life as part of a continuous learning process even outside the classroom. Your child is motivated by natural curiosity from within. At Arbor View Montessori our program will inspire your child to develop their natural love for knowledge.

Dr. Maria Montessori strongly felt that children are individuals who differ from each other and must be respected, and that the purpose of preschool education is to help the child cultivate his or her own desire to learn naturally. Arbor View Montessori provides educational child care with a fun and safe preschool learning environment that is vital to the development of children.

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Arbor View Montessori
Arbor View Montessori School
I hope that all of you are enjoying this wonderful spring weather! Thanks so much to all the parents who have helped and showed appreciation for the spring party we had at the school. You are appreciated. The staff and I at Arbor View Montessori School would like to thank all of you for being so thoughtful. CALENDAR May 29th Memorial Day Holiday Observed (school closed). May 12th Mother’s Day Tea Party Lunch 11:30 –1:00 {Preschool Center Noon Dismissal} And all the mothers are invited! MAY CURRICULUM Our May curriculum covers several different fields of study such as Botany and Zoology. We are currently learning about the flowers in the Botany, and we will be moving into the five vertebrates in the zoology unit which is...
Children learn science by experiencing life
Montessori & Science
"We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry." – Maria Montessori At Arbor View Montessori School, science is introduced to children at a young age with subjects like botany and zoology. Children have a natural desire to explore what they see. We provide various opportunities for the child to study and observe their environment, through gardening, nature walks, and care of animals. Children learn science by experiencing life. Our preschool classroom and teachers create an environment for the child that encourages the child’s own anxious scientific curiosity, with absolute respect for the child to observe natural phenomena. Most child care and daycare settings will not provide an introduction to science at...
Arbor View Montessori
St. Patrick's Day
It is hard to believe that February is already behind us and March is here. We had a very busy month with many of our cultural studies and holidays: Chinese New Year, President's Day, Washington’s Birthday and Valentine's Day. We would like to share with all of you our goals and activities for this month. CALENDAR March 17 - St. Patrick of Ireland Day. Please bring some green food for snack to share with everyone on Wednesday March 15th.Thanks! March 8th – 10th Parents teacher conferences and pre-registration for the summer and fall of 2017. (30 minute each child) A sign in sheet will be posted this week for all interested parents. Thank you! MARCH CURRICULUM Zoology and Botany will be our unit of study in the cultural area for the spring section. We will learn...
Arbor View Montessori
February Newsletter
Welcome to February. We have a busy month ahead of us and the staff and I would like to share some of it with you. Please make note of all the activities so you will be up to speed with all going on this month. CALENDAR Feb. 14th – Valentine’s Day Party {10:30-11:30} Children only Feb. 20th- President’s day {school closed} HEY! LET’S HAVE A PARTY...... Speaking of Valentine’s Day, we will have a party on Tuesday, Feb. 14th, from 10:30-11:30. All children are invited to participate. We ask each child to bring 35 valentines with his/her name signed on each card and for the infant/toddler classroom. If you like to participate, please bring 20 cards. Please do not address the envelopes. If you would like to provide a treat, please let us know. This will be a cookie and punch or...
Arbor View Montessori cheers Prince William and Kate
Prince George
Arbor View Montessori cheers Prince William and Kate for choosing Montessori for their child. Traditional Preschools and Daycare are good, but if you want the best for your child, choose Montessori. The People Magazine article below, Raising a Future King the Montessori Way, by Diana Pearl and posted January 6, 2016 sheds great insight on the advantages a Montessori education can have for your child… Prince William and Kate chose to enroll their son in a school that practices the famous Montessori method. Founded by Italian physician and teacher Maria Montessori, the distinctive educational approach is known for encouraging creative thinking, personalized learning and embracing individuality. Here are just a few of the key advantages the future king stands to gain from his...