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Arbor View Montessori School provides a warm, accepting, and safe preschool child care environment in Roseville. We are dedicated to the best care, attention, and warm learning environment. Naturally curious, children are eager to learn. Specially trained teachers guide development in Language, Creative Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Practical Life Experience helping children to reach their full potential.

Our carefully planned Montessori materials help develop the natural curiosity of the child that supports your child later in life as part of a continuous learning process even outside the classroom. Your child is motivated by natural curiosity from within. At Arbor View Montessori our program will inspire your child to develop their natural love for knowledge.

Dr. Maria Montessori strongly felt that children are individuals who differ from each other and must be respected, and that the purpose of preschool education is to help the child cultivate his or her own desire to learn naturally. Arbor View Montessori provides educational child care with a fun and safe preschool learning environment that is vital to the development of children.

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Exercises that include familiar objects
The Practical Life Exercises
Dr. Montessori wrote, “A child’s work is to create the man he will become. An adult works to perfect the environment but a child works to perfect himself.” Using the child’s natural inclination as a point of departure, Dr. Montessori structured several exercises for the classroom to help the child satisfy their need for meaningful activity. At Arbor View Montessori we introduce exercises with that include familiar objects like buttons, brushes, dishes, pitchers, water and many other things which the child may recognize from his or her home experience. For the young child, there is something special about tasks which an adult considers ordinary like washing dishes, paring vegetables, and polishing shoes. They are exciting to the child because they allow him or her to imitate...
Montessori Teaching Strategies
Montessori Schools
Montessori teaching strategies are very effective at every level, in teaching children to “learn how to learn”. It is a system that focuses on teaching for understanding, using concrete materials to prepare children for future abstract academic. It is these sensorial impressions that become the foundation for a lifetime of understanding.
Arbor View Montessori
Many parents who choose Montessori for their preschoolers want their children to continue Montessori through kindergarten if it is available. Some parents look upon Montessori as a preschool preparation for public kindergarten. These parents feel a Montessori school is a place where a very young child can be taken care of until he/she is old enough for public school. However, children who don’t continue Montessori through kindergarten children actually miss a very fruitful part of the Montessori experience. It will be helpful to begin by observing four-year olds in the Montessori classroom. Parents should seek answers to the following questions: 1) Is my child comfortable and happy? 2) How does he/she interact with other children? 3) Does he/she choose his/her own activities? 4...
Underpinning of Montessori
The basic belief underpinning the Montessori Method was the belief that the essential factor in the Montessori outlook is that it is not the adult who creates the child; it is the child who, through his experiences, creates a human being (Seldin, 1996, p. 8). Dr. Montessori felt that this ability has to be nurtured from birth on. First, it is developed in the family, then at school, and later in life. What usually happens is that children are told what to do, and they learn what the adult tells them to do. This is what many traditional preschool and daycare centers do. This is not listening to inner prompting, and may cause their ability to atrophy. Then, they often end up in a trap that is very difficult to escape. At Arbor View Montessori we teach that if people love what they...
Montessori Education
Dr. Maria Montessori, Italian educator and physician was the person who developed psychologically ingrained methods of educating children. Devoting her entire life to develop the same, she is immensely respected, honored and acknowledged for her work. Pioneer in children’s education, her method of teaching the children is widely accepted all across the world. The main purpose of Montessori education at Arbor View Montessori is to help every child develop essential skills already within him to master the creative learning process all through his life. It is all about helping him develop the skills essential for success, not only in school, but also in life. How does Montessori education work? Montessori education is about inculcating the thirst of knowledge in the child,...