My son attends this school, and he loves it. He loves learning and interacting with his wonderful teachers and schoolmates. This is a diverse school that teaches children to love learning. I'm confident that my son is getting the best possible start in life at Arbor View Montessori. This school is not the most expensive option in Roseville, and it is not the least expensive, but it is the best. Investing in my child's future is my family's most important priority. We are happy parents!

Sarah K.

I love arbor view! my step daughter has been arborview for a full year, and she is thriving. Nobody works harder then Lydia and her staff at making sure that all of the kids get a quality education. I have visited many preschools in the roseville area, and none of them even come close to how amazing arborview is. If you want your child to succeed start with providing them with the best opportunity available. Arborview is that opportunity!

Kim S.

We work with Arbor View Montessori as physical education program, and this school by far has the BEST structure and behavior of the students. The students are very happy, and very cooperative and very advanced for their ages. The class is always clean and very organized. The staff is very welcoming, and they really care about each of the students wellness, and development. The director is very kind hearted, caring, and compassionate, and is highly educated. She's aware of each individual students capability and developmental needs. The director is been very supportive of my program and inspired me to be a better buisness, and a better person. Thank you Lydia for everything you do!

Nihayeh T.

Thank you so much for the good time Noah had at your school and for all the things your teachers taught Noah. He is very advanced for his age and the thanks for that goes to the Montessori way of teaching and to your structured learning schedule.

Sabine Hargrave