31 Jul

The Practical Life Activities

Practical Life activities at Arbor View Montessori School develop concentration, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Dr. Montessori wrote, “A child’s work is to create the person he or she will become. An adult works to perfect the environment, but a child works is to perfect his or herself."
22 Jul

The Montessori Writing Process

The child in a Montessori classroom learns to control a pencil by filling in outlines, an activity which does not weary him or her because he or she enjoys it. To make the outline, he or she uses equipment known as the Metal Insets. Each inset represents a different geometric shape.
16 Jul

Word Building

Dr. Montessori always pointed out that the young child has a natural sensitivity for language development which follows closely on the years when he or she learns to speak his or her native language (Montessori, 1966). The child at three, four and five has a unique fascination for words, both printed and spoken.
10 Jul

The Cylinder Blocks

Indirect preparation for the motor technique of writing begins when the child uses the Cylinder Blocks. These are four oblong blocks of a natural colored wood. Each block contains ten cylinder shaped insets which can be handled by a knob attached to the top.
10 Jul

Sensorial Preparation for Writing

Many of the sensorial exercises are a remote preparation for academic learning. For example, the child who has learned to listen carefully will be able to perceive subtle differences in the sounds of the letters.
27 Jun

The Color Tablets

The child's first introduction to color is a box containing six tablets--two red, two blue and two yellow. All the other tablets are the same size, shape and texture. They differ only in highly contrasting color. In this exercise, the child pairs the tablets and learns...
26 Jun

Smelling Jars

The Smelling Jars consist of two sets of small jars with removable caps. These jars are identical in all respects except the flavoring which they contain. One has cinnamon, another mint, another coffee, another cloves, etc. Each jar has a distinct fragrance.
09 Jun

Sensorial Exercises

A young child meets the world around him through the constant use of all his senses. The sensor puts him or her in touch with his or her environment, his or her group and his or her time. Since he or she quite naturally used all his or her...
06 Jun

The Role of the Teacher

The real essence of the Montessori method is to help the natural process of human development, to create integrated personalities, that is, people who have a sense of responsibility, who know their limitations, who have a sense of...
01 Jun

A View of the Montessori Classroom

The Montessori classroom is a child's world. It is created to meet the needs of the child and adapted to his or her size. It is designed to meet the space, needs and interests of children between the ages of three and six. It is designed to put the child at ease by giving him or her freedom in an environment prepared with attractive materials.
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