03 May

May / June 2021 Newsletter

Thanks so much to all of the parents who have helped and shared your warm thanks and gratitude for the spring party we had at the school. The students we all so excited and everyone enjoyed the celebration. We really look forward to bringing the students and parents these events.
30 Apr

Ledya Saadeh is accredited with NAEYC

As Owner and Director of Arbor View Montessori, Ledya Saadeh is accredited with the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and it’s Affiliate: California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAAEYC).
11 Apr

Development and Milestones

Healthy Development Maria Montessori understood the early years of a child’s life are key to a child’s development. When children are able to grow with their social, emotional and educational needs being met, then you have an environment that is conducive to healthy development.
01 Apr

Montessori Approach

Montessori approach to early childhood education, not only teaches children how to fine tune their motor skills but also help them to develop a sense of independence. Many parents over the years have chosen the Montessori approach to early childhood education for their children and see their children bloom before their very eyes.
26 Mar

Learning Environment

The stimulating environment provided to the child is planned with care to help the child develop a solid foundation for future creative learning. The learning activities provided are individualized, so that the learning task appeals to the child-this helps develop a positive attitude towards school.
18 Mar

March / April Newsletter

It is hard to believe that February is already behind us and March is here. We had a very busy month with many of our cultural studies and holidays: President's Day, Washington’s Birthday and Valentine's Day. We would like to share all our goals and activities for this month.
15 Mar

How does Montessori education work?

Montessori education is about inculcating the thirst of knowledge in the child, developing a sense of order, nurture functional creativity, boost self-confidence and most importantly, bring in a sense of independence.
06 Mar

Benefits of Montessori Socialization

CDC notes Early Childhood Education (ECE) aims to improve the cognitive and social development of children ages 3 or 4 years. To learn more complete our tour and information request form to schedule a tour.
06 Dec

Congrats to Our Graduates

Our grads move on to elementary school advanced in reading, writing, math, practical life, and social skills. Help your child be his or her best. Enroll now for the 2020 preschool year.
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