I enrolled my eldest here and now have my second daughter attending. The teachers here are loving, want to actually have a relationship with each child and have a lot of patience for their students.

My first daughter really enjoyed her time here--compared to her peers at her current school, her behavior, skills and knowledge is actually more advanced than a lot of the other students in her class. (I know this because my wife volunteers at her school) This school teaches a lot of leadership and independence.

My second child is currently attending preschool here. The first couple of days were rough since she needed to adjust to a new environment. It's been a month now that she's been here and she's still transitioning but for the most part, it has been smooth. The teachers are very patient with her and I can already see improvements in her behavior, organizational skills and willingness to help. Everyday I pick her up they are always updating us with how she did throughout the day.

Overall they learn a lot going here, not just academically but also as an independent leader that they focus on teaching their students.

Jay D.