February 2021 Newsletter

Decorative Wave

The children will be starting a new unit in cultural studies,’Zoology.’ They will begin their studies with the concepts of Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Living and non-Living, classified pictures such as parts of the Fish, Birds, and Mammals. Several work sheets will relate to this theme, also.


Please encourage your child to plan for one special item to bring from home: books, tapes, a science or educational item, etc. are great sharing items.

Sharing is only the first week of each month.


The letters of the week for the month of February are:

S, H, F & J

Please remind your child of the sound of the letter, rather than the name of the letter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter.  We appreciate all your support! Please let us know if any of us can assist you or your family in any way!

Happy President’s Day!  Happy Chinese New Year!  Happy Valentine’s Day!