At What Ages?

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Discover the comprehensive program offerings for children at Arbor View Montessori School below:

The entire program of learning is purposefully structured. Children who begin Montessori as infants and toddlers tend to enter the Montessori Preschool program more advanced. Also, children who begin in the Montessori Preschool – TK Program usually have better learning results than children who do attend a traditional preschool.

Children who embark on their Montessori journey, beginning as infants or toddlers and continuing through kindergarten and first grade, truly maximize the benefits of the program. In fact, children who transition from Montessori programs often display a remarkable level of advancement when compared to their peers entering traditional elementary kindergarten or 1st grade. We believe in nurturing their potential to help them thrive and excel at every step of their educational path.

Regular attendance in a Montessori program holds great significance. Montessori embraces a unique learning journey that harnesses a child’s sensitive years, where they can absorb knowledge from a nurturing environment.

This natural approach to acquiring fundamental skills in reading and arithmetic allows children to embark on their education without the burden of drudgery, boredom, or discouragement. Encouraging children to explore their personal interests in a Montessori setting ignites an early passion for learning, laying the foundation for them to become truly educated individuals.