Fun Food & Botany

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At Arbor View Montessori School, we Integrate botany curriculum lessons about edible seeds, roots, stems, fruits and vegetables.

Montessori teaches with a hands-on sensorial method, different from traditional preschool and day care programs. Our Fun Food and Botany curriculum begins with activities that teach your child how food grows, from seed to stem, leaf, fruit or vegetable.

Our curriculum includes gardening which begins with children bringing their own seeds or young plants to garden and watch grow. In the classroom, work includes puzzles and coloring activities that teach and illustrate the different parts of the plant.

From Seed to Fruit, eating a variety of food helps children grow healthy and ready to learn, and what’s more fun and satisfying than eating your work?

We having fun teaching that we eat seeds, roots, stems, leaves, fruits and vegetables, as well as teaching children how to prepare their fruits and vegetables. As an example, we teach how to wash spinach and lettuce leaves before we put them in our salads.

So not only do we teach how plants grow and what their parts are. But we also teach and eat that…We eat corn, which are seeds. We eat carrots, which are roots. We eat celery which is a stem and lettuce which are leaves. We eat apples and tomatoes which are fruits that grow from plants and trees.

Integrating botany with a lesson about food helps children become more open to healthy eating habits!