How Montessori education works

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Montessori Preschool, Kindergarten, Toddler and Infant Care children exceed in their learning versus traditions daycare or preschools.

The principal purpose of Montessori education is to develop the child’s natural thirst of knowledge, to develop a sense of order, nurture functional creativity, boost self-confidence and importantly, help develop structure, independence and confidence in learning.

This purpose of Montessori education is achieved by two goals in the classroom:

The first goal is to allow the child to have a hands-on experience exploring the choices available in the classroom and choosing his or her own curriculum to explore, in order to promote and nurture learning.

The second goal is to help your child perfect the art of learning with the help of the natural tools available to the child, so that he or she is able to learn in future situations is greatly enhanced. Not only do we enhance your child’s skills for future success, he or she learns the skills from the specific curriculum taught, helping your child excel in the immediate upcoming years.