Learning Environment

Decorative Wave

The stimulating environment provided to the child is planned with care to help the child develop a solid foundation for future creative learning. The learning activities provided are individualized, so that the learning task appeals to the child-this helps develop a positive attitude towards school.

Another major purpose of Montessori education is to help develop self confidence in the child. The tasks are carefully designed on what that child has already mastered, so as to help the child take a step forward without the negative experience of numerous failures. Such confidence building activities contribute a lot towards the emotional development of the child along with fostering an permanent curiosity.

The activities provided to the child aid in building the habit of concentration. The learning environment is so prepared that the child has a series of absorbing experiences that helps him form habits of gradual extended span of attention. Montessori learning environment is all about surrounding the child with learning activities and appealing materials.

Helping develop habits of persistence and initiative- which is an essential leadership quality is another primary purpose of Montessori education. The child is provided with a social environment that is conducive to his unique development. A proper Montessori education is all about making the child ready for all his future learning processes.