Montessori Runner

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At Arbor View Montessori, there are reasons why school children who attended a Montessori preschool and kindergarten outperform children who attended traditional daycare or preschool.

The reasons have to do with understanding the natural psychology of children and how they learn best. An education that focuses on the individual development of the child instead of tests and competition is more successful.

Montessori children like Izzy Fauria, who attended Arbor View Montessori School learn to perfect themselves at a young age. The Montessori teacher encourages the child to choose a Science, Mathematic, Language, Practical Life or some other activity that the child is interested in, to complete over time and practice until it is mastered.

Children love mastering activities because they have interest and naturally enjoy building confidence through practice. Through hours of work and practice they master skills by a method that focuses on the development of the individual in classes where collaboration is encouraged, which also enhances social skills.

The principal of self-improvement and encouragement to perfect skills in different curriculums also gives the child the ability to adapt and use applicable learned skills in other areas. Additionally, the ability to adapt is an indicator for future success in all areas of life, including sports.

Hat’s off Izzy who was featured on the front cover of magazine’s Nov-Dec 2015 issue. We know she loves to run, and loves to practice.