Sound Boxes

Decorative Wave

Preschool Sensorial Learning part 4

In this blog about sensorial Montessori curriculum we present Sound Boxes. At Arbor View Montessori we use Sensorial Materials in the Montessori classroom, which increases the child’s awareness and helps the child form more distinguished impressions of their surroundings.

The Sound Boxes

To help children become more aware of the intensity of sound, Montessori designed a set of six cylinder-shaped brown wooden boxes with red tops. Each box contains a small amount of a different substance such as salt, rice or dried beans. The sounds produced when the child shakes the boxes vary in intensity from soft to loud. This set of boxes corresponds to a second set with blue tops. Each box in the first set has a mate in the second set that produces a similar sound. The child must find the pairs by listening and then grade the boxes from the loudest to the softest.