The Joy of Montessori Christmas Art

Decorative Wave

At Arbor View Montessori we unlock the Joy of Montessori with Christmas Tree Art! We believe in making learning an adventure, and what better way to do that than with Christmas tree art! Creating and decorating beautiful Christmas trees art with Cheerios!

More than a preschool or daycare. We make the holidays a hands-on, sensory experience that enhances the Montessori journey. From coloring their tree to arranging the ornaments with care, children develop fine motor skills, creativity, and a deep sense of pride in their work. Serving parents of infants, preschoolers, TK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade children, we weave in learning opportunities. Counting ornaments, discussing colors and shapes, and even writing their own holiday wishes – it’s all part of the Cheer! Education is a large part of our holiday celebrations.

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