The Practical Life Activities

Decorative Wave

Practical Life activities at Arbor View Montessori School develop concentration, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Dr. Montessori wrote, “A child’s work is to create the person he or she will become. An adult works to perfect the environment, but a child works is to perfect his or herself.” Using the child’s natural inclination as a point of departure, Dr. Montessori structured several exercises for the classroom to help the child satisfy their need for meaningful activity.  
Several of the Practical Life Exercises that you will not find at a typical Child Care Center, Daycare or Preschool that you will find at Arbor View Montessori are specific Montessori activities that gradually lengthens his or her span of concentration and coordination.  Children learn to pay attention to details as he or she follows a regular sequence of action.  Finally, the child learns good working habits and finishes each task and puts away all the materials before beginning another activity.