11 Sep

The Montessori Classroom

At Arbor View Montessori Preschool the classroom is a child’s world. It is created to meet the needs of the child and adapted to his or her size. Our curriculum is designed to meet the space, needs and interests of children between the ages of three and six.
22 Jul

The Montessori Writing Process

The child in a Montessori classroom learns to control a pencil by filling in outlines, an activity which does not weary him or her because he or she enjoys it. To make the outline, he or she uses equipment known as the Metal Insets. Each inset represents a different geometric shape.
03 Feb

February Calendar

Welcome to February. We have a busy month ahead of us and the staff and I would like to share some of it with you. Please make note of all the activities so you won=t be left out of things!
10 Dec

December Curriculum

Cultural Subjects: During the month of December, the children will be discussing different holidays as part of our geography studies.
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