16 Aug

Montessori versus Traditional Pre-School

Maria Montessori, the founder of Montessori Education, understood how a good education unlocks and realizes children’s potential. She set up schools for children of all ages, from language nests (birth to three, to primary (kindergarten) schools, to elementary schools and high schools.
26 Jul

Practical Life Experiences

Care of the environment, care of the self, grace and courtesy are emphasized in this area. Children take part in everyday activities such as food preparation, sweeping and mopping, tying shoes, and setting a table. Arbor View Montessori preschool helps develop concentration, coordination, and a sense of order.
26 Jul

Math and Montessori

Children learn basic concepts of mathematics in two ways; By using concrete materials during the years when they enjoy manipulating equipment; or by abstract materials when they are in elementary. Your child will learn the basic concepts of mathematics by using concrete materials during the preschool years.
22 Jul

The Montessori Writing Process

The child in a Montessori classroom learns to control a pencil by filling in outlines, an activity which does not weary him or her because he or she enjoys it. To make the outline, he or she uses equipment known as the Metal Insets. Each inset represents a different geometric shape.
16 Jul

Word Building

Dr. Montessori always pointed out that the young child has a natural sensitivity for language development which follows closely on the years when he or she learns to speak his or her native language (Montessori, 1966). The child at three, four and five has a unique fascination for words, both printed and spoken.
17 May

The Purpose of Montessori Education

Dr. Maria Montessori, Italian educator and physician was the person who developed psychologically ingrained methods of educating children. Devoting her entire life to develop the same, she is immensely respected, honored and acknowledged for her work. Pioneer in children’s education, her method of teaching the children is widely accepted all across the world.
18 Mar

March / April Newsletter

It is hard to believe that February is already behind us and March is here. We had a very busy month with many of our cultural studies and holidays: President's Day, Washington’s Birthday and Valentine's Day. We would like to share all our goals and activities for this month.
10 Dec

December Curriculum

Cultural Subjects: During the month of December, the children will be discussing different holidays as part of our geography studies.
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