My younger child goes here currently. The older child used to go here. Now he is in elementary school. I do like the school. Very clean and spacious. I like the play area in the back. Miss. Lydia and miss. Tara are the best. I wish they had more teachers like them. Other staff members are nice but not like miss Lydia or miss Tara. Kids enjoy going there.

Shelly S.

Arbor View is a very nice preschool. My daughter went there for 2 years. The teachers are very good at what they do and really look after the kids. My daughter enjoyed her time there. I am very happy with their services, so much that now my 2 year old son will be starting there soon.

Dhaval P

This is a place where a moms heart feels safe. This is a place where a moms heart feels safe to know that her kids are in a loving environment where the teachers care. Today I took my two toddlers in, MJ and leo. Of course there were some tears and a little bit of a runny nose that comes with it. The teacher straight away got a tissue and took care of it. Two minutes later, my boys were quietly playing.

Marchella M.

We love it! My daughter has been going to the daycare here for a little over a year now and we love it! I know she is in great hands every time she is there. The teachers and the principal are very nice and super loving to my daughter. My daughter has built a bond with them which is so sweet. We are looking forward to moving our daughter to the preschool side once she is potty trained. I definitely recommend this school!

Jamie D.

Our daughter absolutely loves this school She has learned so much in the year and half she’s been there. The teachers are wonderful and so caring towards all the children. You won’t be disappointed sending your child there.

Scott R.

Nothing but love and care at this location. They do nothing but encourage the children and you can tell they genuinely care about your children. However do not be mistaken they will discipline your child when necessary and will do it in a proper manner. My daughter has been there through all the stages from infant, toddler, and now a big kid they always made it as easy as possible for her transitions to different teachers or classrooms. They also have a pretty good curriculum and Mrs.

Tati R.

I’ve had my two daughters here for over a year I would be keeping them there if not for relocating due to work. The teachers here are all great. There is genuine care and love for the children from all the teachers. The scariest part of child care is usually the infant room, but at Arbor View Mrs Michelle eases every worry a parent could have. She is constantly attentive and giving everything she has to make sure the babies are all taken care of through the whole day. We will miss Arbor View dearly, and encourage anyone to enroll.

Kevin D.

Good school, good operation! The teachers are very engaged with the students and supportive of their individual growth. My two year-old loved Luba and my five year-old really liked Elizabeth. I was happy to see the school take the trouble to bring all the kids’ water bottles outside every time the kids go out to play. Also, they are diligent in making sure parents know not to bring food containing peanuts.

Nicole A.

This place is great. I enrolled my eldest here and now have my second daughter attending. The teachers here are loving, want to actually have a relationship with each child and have a lot of patience for their students. My first daughter really enjoyed her time here–compared to her peers at her current school, her behavior, skills and knowledge is actually more advanced than a lot of the other students in her class. (I know this because my wife volunteers at her school) This school teaches a lot of leadership and independence.

Jay D.

My son started in the toddler room at 18 months old. He was very quiet and shy but the teachers helped him come out of his shell. My daughter started in the infant room at 9 months old. She was cared for by Michelle, who was always patient, kind, and understanding of each child’s individual needs. Both of my kids went through the toddler room, then through the preschool side. They were provided a daily routine and structured educational activities. Both kids were writing and early readers by the time they left for kindergarten.

Teresa W.